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Dear Friends and Colleagues:

Water is life. It hydrates us, cleans us, and grows our food. It’s a shame that not all people have access to safe drinking water, which is our basic necessity. To make a difference, I would like to team up with Mr. Philip Savin of Savin Children’s Foundation, a nonprofit organization, to raise money through the sales of my book to help poor children and their families in rural areas of Cambodia to have clean water to drink, cook, bathe, and grow food.

Please click on this link to purchase or download a copy of The Governor’s Daughter: The Scribes of Brahmadhan. All of its proceeds for the month of August will go to Savin Children’s Foundation. By buying The Governor’s Daughter, you are not only giving me a chance to entertain you with my debut novella, but you are helping to maintain the great work of Savin Children’s Foundation.

Mr. Philip Savin is a hotel entrepreneur and a movie star. He runs his own charity projects by:

  • Providing clean water wells to poor families in rural villages within Cambodia so that they can have safe and clean drinking water for their daily usage;
  • Providing bicycles, school uniforms, and school materials to less fortunate children who are taking English classes that are being taught and supported by international volunteers; and
  • Providing clean ponds and toilets to poor families that have no ability to build them on their own or by themselves.

According to the information available on its website and Facebook page, the mission of Savin Children’s Foundation is to promote sustainable village development in remote areas of Cambodia by helping people to get safe drinking water, to have better sanitation, to provide poor children with educational opportunities, and to change and improve their quality of life.

Contact Information:

Savin Phillip, Founder

Email: [email protected]



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