Sales Letter: Life is a Binary Opposition

Dear Mystery and Science Fiction Enthusiast:

Life is a binary opposition. This dictum rings truer in no other places than in the Kingdom of Cambodia, where its beauty will leave you breathless and its darkness will devastate you. Not many people around the world heard of Cambodia, and if they do, it conjures up the following images: the Vietnam War; President Richard Nixon, Secretary of State Henry Kissinger and their massive bombardment of Southeast Asia; King Sihanouk Norodom; the Khmer Republic; Pol Pot, the Khmer Rouge; the killing fields; bones; deaths; and violence of intergalactic proportions.

But what was this kingdom like before the images of the 1970s, 1980s, and 1990s haunted and dominated the world’s media outlet?

If you are interested in expanding your horizon and traveling to a world and time beyond your comfort zone, then take a journey with Anjali Chinak, the precocious daughter of a brilliant Khmer detective, who aspires to be a sleuth just like her worldly father. Travel with her to witness the beauty of Khmer people, their culture, language, tradition, and discover what life generally is like in the French colonial Cambodge, specifically in 1920’s Siem Reap. See the movers and shakers of this town and society. Meet the different groups of people occupying Siem Reap—a place of majestic Khmer ruins and opulent French-colonial edifices. Bear witness to how they treat their fellow human beings. Admire the clothes they wear. Be in awe of their technologies. See what delights and entertains them.

You’ll get to know Anjali Chinak, her father, her mother, the man of her dream, her friends, the governor, his daughter, his wife and others. Anjali will take you around town and introduce you to her family, friends, neighbors, and foes.

Life goes on as usual on the surface but underneath it, something dark and sinister lurks in this part of the world. A serial rapist and killer runs loose, leaving stunningly beautiful women of Asian and European descendants dead across Southeast Asia. Authorities sought the help of Anjali’s father. She wants in on the action. Unfortunately, her father sees her as a young and inexperienced girl. Coincidentally, Anjali’s friend is brutalized and her boyfriend stands accused of the crime. Devastated and not the type to back down from an injustice, she muscles her way in to solve the crime and delves into a deeper mystery than she anticipated.

Anjali Chinak’s father holds a book of secrets called the Scribes of Brahmadhan. She will not only take you on an adventure to solve the crime of the century and to catch the killer or killers, but she will seek out who among the townspeople are the Scribes of her father’s book of secrets and find out what the book contains, and what and where is “Brahmadhan.”

Testimony from a reader and a magazine:

Such a great read. Sambath had the ability to captivate my attention; I simply couldn’t put the book down. From chapter to chapter, you just had to find out what was going to happen next. I also appreciated her thorough research into the culture and history of Cambodia in that era, felt like I was right there with Anjali. Look forward to more. – Bory Sok

This book treats an extremely pressing issue of the world with utmost sensitivity. The story has been built such that it keeps the interest of the reader intact till the end, all the while exposing to the reader the cruel realities that plague modern society and how manipulators have mastered the art of misleading, using and abusing their target prey. The Governor’s Daughter is a highly recommended read for people who like fictional treatment of real time issues.—Serious Reading Magazine

Sincerely Yours,

Sambath Meas

Author of The Governor’s Daughter: The Scribes of Brahmadhan

P.S. You can read “The Governor’s Daughter: The Scribes of Brahmadhan” for free, if you subscribe to Kindle Unlimited (KU).


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