Caught Between the Mob and the FBI


I am honored to read and review an Advance Reader Copy (ARC) of John Murray McKay’s “The Venom Protocols.”

When Charlotte “Charlie” Corday realizes she is an assassin for the Mafia and a genetically engineered killing machine for the FBI, she cherishes the idea of “setting the Mob on fire and watching them burn” while “purging the poison and killing the evil” that is Venom Corporation.

In this dark, suspenseful, science-fiction thriller, Charlie sees herself as “a soulless scalpel in the hands of the faceless overlords ruling this world.” The powerful Mafia and the secret FBI unit known as Venom Corporation use her to destroy the lives of others. However, there is still goodness in her. She wants to do the right thing for herself, the people she loves, and people who have not committed any sins against her, but when her enhanced genes take over her body and mind, she is not a person anymore. She becomes a killing machine—a monster that terrorizes New York City. She wants to control her own life and be the master of her own domain. She fights to be independent, but the two entities will not let her go and she gets dragged deeper into the mess she’s in. Therein lies the conflict—a human conflict, battling to be good or evil. Granted the world is not black and white, but Charlie’s character symbolizes the dichotomy between good versus evil. Unfortunately, her good nature doesn’t resonate as much or is not convincing enough, causing her to become a one dimensional character. Therefore, it is hard to sympathize with her.

This twisted thriller will keep the readers guessing and wanting to know what mess Charlie will be in, as the author wonderfully plots the next chain of events. Check out how this modern day heroine/assassin fights to not only save herself but also to save the world from her monstrous self and the powerful entities that created her. I recommend this book.




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