A Father’s Request is Honored

We travel different roads to seek the same destination: love, unity, compassion, freedom, happiness, health, peace of mind, humanity, wealth and much more.

~Neary Heng

The world is infinite and so is our intelligence. You can set out to achieve anything if you have a clear purpose. However, you can’t achieve your purpose without hope, faith and action. In “From Internment to Fulfillment,” Neary Heng recounts and reflects on how S.B.C.I.A. (Stop. Breathe. Center. Inventory. Action.) has always been the driving force that kept her family of three alive during the darkest period in Cambodian history, helped them to escape the war-torn country, and kept them focused on their immigration—a promise from Neary’s father—to the land of plenty to find “love, unity, compassion, freedom, happiness, health, peace of mind, humanity, wealth, and much more.”

Neary used to live in a very nice home with her loving parents and siblings before Pol Pot and his killing machine come to power. In their quest to turn Cambodia into an agrarian, utopian society, they empty out all of the people to live and work in the countryside. As a five-year-old girl, Angkar (the Organization) puts Neary to work as a cow caretaker. She finds herself in a life and death situation when the monsoon season covers the rice fields in water deep enough to drown a little girl who can’t swim. Neary, observant and in tune with her senses, learns from her cow to cross over to dry land. This is only one of the many difficult situations Neary has to endure during the Khmer Rouge era—an era that claims the lives of her half brother, father, and many other Cambodians. From the killing fields of Cambodia to the refugee camps in Thailand, Neary witnesses violence, abuses, and deaths. Even when she makes it to the United States of America she has to learn to adjust and survive before she knows how to live freely and happily. Thanks to S.B.C.I.A., she is living the life her mother and deceased father always wanted her to have.

Neary Heng’s story is full of life lessons with practical solutions. She tells it without bitterness and resentment. She and her family had gone through so much and we are lucky to gain her perspective and wisdom through “From Internment to Fulfillment.”

Check out Neary Heng’s “From Internment to Fulfillment” here. I highly recommend it.



  • Neary Heng

    This morning I woke up early to open my window to smell the morning fresh air.

    But instead, I smelled something was burning… A house was burning in our neighborhood. I was sad for them.

    I was so grateful that I woke up with a roof over our heads and safe.

    Now, I see this post by you.

    I’ve another reason to be grateful for… Receiving compassion…

    This is a nice surprise written review.

    THANK YOU so much bong for taking your precious time to read, write your review and for your kind words.

    Your review means so much to me because it gives me that energy to move forward to help me fulfill my purpose to help fulfill other people dreams wanting to have better lives with freedoms, meaning and more…

    There are so many people right now who is living in their darkest challenges in life.

    Together collective with your help, we can make positive impact and raise their awareness and hope higher to take actions in achieving their dreams one person at a time.


    • Sambath Meas

      Hi Neary,

      You are doing a great thing by teaching others to become happy and successful. We need more of that. Thank you for sharing your story and your wisdom.

      Thank you,



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