Cambodia’s Trip: April 30 – May 18, 2012

My three weeks vacation in Cambodia is over. I am happy to be back home in the states, where life is more uplifting and meaningful. Life here inspires me to make a difference in Cambodia. There’s so much to write about my trip. I will have to break them up into topics: politics, economy, modern conquest, self-hatred/identity-crisis, obsession with having white skin, discrimination, poverty, destruction of Dhammic-Vineay (teaching of the Buddha), etc.

I know what my purpose in life is: to help Khmer find a purpose and to live a meaningful and productive life. Khmer people are generally poor, inactive, and have no sense of purpose. They suffer serious identity-crisis and self-hatred. They wrongfully feel they are inferior to those immigrants who are dominating Cambodia’s politics and economy. Too many of them are finding themselves assimilating to the culture, religion, and language of a certain ethnic group in order to fit in and to guard themselves against discrimination. They even change their Khmer names to immigrant sounding names. They refer to these names as modern and sophisticated. With the influences of the media and the rich, Khmer people are conditioned to believe they are inferior to other Asians. They are nothing but peasants, lower ranking officers, guards, beggars, groundskeepers, and temple sweepers. This is tragic. However, change is coming. According to the law of Kapp, we are in continuous cycles of development, destruction, and regeneration.


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