A nice review from a colleague

Here is a nice compliment from a colleague who said that he doesn’t normally read and that his mind wanders when he does. It is so awesome of him to order my book, read it, and actually finish it. The icing on the cake is, he genuinely likes it. Awww. Thanks so much, Paul.

On 08/15/11 7:50 AM, Paul Astras wrote:
Ok, I finished your book this morning! Excellent book, “Sros.” Immortal is an understatement. Not only can I barely believe that your immediate family all survived, but that you were able to always reunite with each other when split up, and many times with extended family, too.

Wow, that must have taken a long time for you to get that information second-hand from your parents, and to do your own personal research.

Great job, and my deepest sympathy to all family and other Khmers who didn’t make it.


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